Linda Beck

Throughout her years in business, Linda Beck has worked with a variety of companies. Her industry experience encompasses retail, manufacturing, printing, direct marketing, and government. Within each of these venues, Linda has facilitated, designed, developed, and implemented many human performance programs, and research projects which result in organizations achieving their performance objectives.

As Chief Facilitator of numerous developmental training, coaching, and strategic initiatives, Linda has been instrumental in advancing company goals by assisting organizations with the development of focused strategies related to business plan development, market research and implementation. Permeating all Linda’s work is the advancement of individuals by utilizing extensive performance management processes. It is people who are instrumental in an organization’s success, so management of employee performance is critical.

Linda’s professionalism and thoroughness have resulted in her working with many prestigious companies (see Clients section). She uses the latest technology in her research and training projects, and gathers primary data through customer and employee surveys, needs assessments and analyses.

Beck, Goodman Team of Instructors

Beck, Goodman is supported by a team of qualified professionals who are trained in providing highly interactive, experiential workshops to individuals and organizations. These engaging and knowledgeable instructors follow adult learning principles and consistently apply the material delivered to “the job” which enhances the transfer of learning to the work place.

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