Working effectively with challenging people is a critical skill for anyone who interacts with people.  This workshop will provide strategies and techniques for managing your emotions while working with challenging individuals.

In all interactions, you must remember that you are also important.  You will learn strategies for maintaining your wellness and resilience while working with different people in challenging situations.  To achieve the most out of any interaction, you must be open-minded, listen and be respectful.

For our own health, wellbeing and resilience we must also know when to ask for help and leave an abusive situation.  This workshop will explore coping, communication strategies, and tips participants can apply to their day-to-day work when encountering difficult people in challenging situations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify strategies to manage internal and external customer expectations
  • Identify and apply strategies to defuse angry and hostile behaviour
  • Identify coping strategies for remaining calm in demanding situations
  • Building rapport through whole body communication: words, body gesture, tone of voice
  • Learn the difference between angry behaviour and abusive behaviour

Who Should Attend?

All levels of staff who interact with challenging people:  coworkers as well as customers.

Beck, Goodman & Associates Inc.