Our Focus

In today’s environment of constant change, the need for exceptional interpersonal, team and communication skills is desired more than ever. All individuals in business must upgrade their skills to function effectively in this highly competitive world.

Over many years we have provided training and strategic planning advice to a diverse list of clients. A significant amount of training has been geared to helping managers, staff and other professionals adapt and deal with the overwhelming amount of change in the workplace. As an example we have developed and delivered interactive training sessions that provide professionals of all levels with the skills and practice to maximize their communication strategies and styles.

Custom Designed Training Packages

Linda Beck and her team develop and facilitate training designed specifically to meet the needs of YOUR management team, YOUR staff, and YOUR markets. Professional online facilitation, and, when appropriate, in person workshops, are utilized to achieve the most time-sensitive and cost-effective learner results.

Training Needs Assessments

We determine the specific training needs of YOUR organization using focus groups, questionnaires, and one-on-one interviews with staff, management, and customers. These are accomplished using online tools and, where appropriate, in person communication.

Seminar Series

Linda Beck and her team offer a series of on-going supervisory and management based workshops held online and, when appropriate, off-site. These may be attended by individuals from various companies.

Beck, Goodman & Associates Inc.