This workshop highlights how individuals at all levels of the organization can support building an engaged, productive workplace through trust and being aware of the impact their actions have on others both inside and outside of the organization.  We will discuss the stages of developing competence and have participants assess their strengths and how to capitalize on them. We will define trust, the economics of trust, and how high trust in organizations impacts productivity, quality, results, speed, and costs. Participants will learn and put into practice specific behaviours that build a culture of trust.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify behaviours that build trust with all colleagues and customers
  • Define trust and how developing competence and character play a role
  • Analyze situations and processes and offer constructive suggestions for improvement
  • Create an Individual Action Plan of next steps to personally transfer their learning into their work environment

Who Should Attend?

Management and frontline staff can attend this workshop to enhance their abilities to build trusting relationships with bosses, employees and coworkers.

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