During periods of significant organizational change and economic uncertainty it is difficult for individuals to see possibilities and prepare for change.  The current reality is that most individuals will face at least one career change in their lives, and yet even experienced professionals and managers are unprepared to answer the question of “what comes next?” This workshop will help participants answer that question by creating a personal career vision, career profile and preliminary action plan.  During this workshop participants will identify their unique strengths and skills, core values and motivators, and personal qualities that will contribute to making a successful career change.  They will also identify obstacles and specific strategies for taking the next step.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the Stages of career change, current readiness and motivation for change.
  • Learn to develop a personal career vision and career profile
  • Identify obstacles and strategies for initiating a career change.
  • Generate options to conduct research/exploration.
  • Learn Techniques for information gathering and research.

Develop a career change action plan with specific next steps.

Who Should Attend?

Adults looking to enhance current career opportunities or who want to make a change.

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