Working in an environment that is being constantly impacted by change requires specialized training. This means providing your staff with opportunities to simulate situations that are similar to those they would encounter on the job. Our role-play scenarios and case studies will allow for this hands-on learning to occur. Group discussions will allow participants to share concerns, ideas, and possible solutions to issues they are aware of or may encounter in the future.

Adult Learning Principles

Adult learning principles stress that learning must be practical and relevant in order to be meaningful to the adult learner. During our training programs we ensure that there is ample organized and sustained activity to allow individuals the opportunity to enhance their knowledge base, skills and attitudes. Our programs are personalized to meet the learners’ special needs and interests.

Adults learn more productively, have a more positive outlook, and an increased level of self-esteem when they feel they can choose options and be actively involved in hands-on relevant activities.

Taking the Learning into the Workplace

After each module, participants are asked to develop their own Personal Action Plans, listing one or two items that they can immediately implement within their own work environments. This provides a bridge to transporting the learning from the workshop environment to the workplace ensuring that participants utilize the new skills they have learned.

Target Audience

This training and format is well-suited for most audiences including frontline staff, aspiring supervisors, supervisors, managers, and senior executives. Its design allows for a high degree of participant interaction, group discussion and action learning.

Program Evaluations

We ask all participants to evaluate how well the program’s learning objectives are met. Participants are also asked to provide any additional comments regarding positive aspects of the program as well as any areas that can be improved upon. Once the training has taken place, follow-up comments on how the skills were put into practice are useful indicators of the success of the program.

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