Often individuals are promoted to a supervisory position because they are very good at their frontline positions. Supervisors have a very different focus however, and often individuals move into their new role without any training on how to interact, motivate, lead and communicate effectively with their new staff. This workshop provides individuals with the fundamentals of getting into supervision and it focuses on the essence of the role of the supervisor which is “to achieve results through people”.

Learning Objectives

To provide workshop participants with:

  • a framework to promote a constructive environment for employee development
  • an understanding of the challenges associated with the role of supervisors
  • an awareness of the importance of acknowledging positive performance as well as addressing areas for improvement
  • strategies for assessing employee abilities to enhance delegating, build self-esteem and ultimately increase productivity
  • strategies and tools for giving and encouraging feedback

Who Should Attend

All frontline staff who aspire to become supervisors.

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