This workshop focuses on the personal accountability that everyone has within organizations no matter their position. All employees represent the face of the company they work for. How each individual interacts with the public either enhances the organization’s reputation or tarnishes it. Each employee adds value and each employee is accountable. Building a culture of accountability within any organization is a key element to making it sustainable over a long period of time. This is accomplished one person at a time. This workshop will assist staff in building their personal accountability and in Accountable Customer Service.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine and understand Personal Accountability: Individual Responsibilities
  • Determine current step on the Accountability Ladder
  • Define customer service strategies related to time and task management
  • Analyze workplace dynamics and their responsibility within it
  • Define their team responsibilities
  • Create an Individual Action Plan of next steps to personally transfer their learning into their work environment

Who Should Attend

All staff interacting with internal or external customers.

Beck, Goodman & Associates Inc.