Today’s work environment has become increasingly complex, diverse, and busier than ever with growing and competing interests. We face time constraints and demands, that constantly warrant our attention.

This workshop offers a simple, pragmatic and effective approach to maximize work-life results. We will focus on three key areas of our interpersonal communications model. The key areas include our ability to assess, our ability to understand, and our ability to persuade others to take positive, cooperative action, congruent with our aims. Emphasis is placed on understanding others’ motivation to cooperate, and consequently move to action, in support of our desired results. We will learn proven techniques to gently and effectively persuade others to move along with our direction, with less effort than we may have originally thought. This workshop teaches a logical process of persuasion that anyone can learn, regardless of personality or background.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore a simple 3 step communication process; Assess, Understand and Persuade to maximize results in our work-life.
  • Learn how to uncover and appeal to different motivations
  • Practice communicating empathetically so that others will listen and act on our suggestions.
  • Recognize behaviours of others that cannot be persuaded, reasons why, and how and when to walk away if necessary.

Who Should Attend?

Management and all levels of staff.

Beck, Goodman & Associates Inc.